It’s Tuesday!! And once again we gather together as Men.⁠ This container that we have created with commitment and intentionality.⁠

This is NO Echo chamber.⁠ This is NOT a “Boys Club”.⁠ This space does NOT encourage the victimhood trap so many are pray to.⁠

Every. Single. Tuesday. We meet to be better Men.⁠ To be held to account.⁠ To learn to communicate our emotions, and needs.⁠ To embrace our purpose, and be held to it.⁠ This is a Mens Group. ⁠Fuelled by Fire, Passion and Intention.⁠

Men need to gather together AND BE ACTIVE.⁠ Too many men are caught up in their heads.⁠ Detached from what’s really happening around them.⁠ Detached from their bodies. Detached from their sense POWER.⁠

Every meeting we start with breath work and push ups.⁠ This ensures that Men start every meeting grounded, and in their body.⁠ This is quite challenging for most that start with us, understandably because of just how unpracticed it is to feel into and express the bodies potential in such a way.

And though there can be an Ego attached urge to compete, really the practice is to get into our bodies, feel the energetic potential each of us have within and express it beautifully and intentionally.⁠

This helps Men learn HOW to hold space, be present and also aware of what’s actually happening within their body.⁠ Something that I believe if more Men could do, there would be such an astronomical difference in society / the world.

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