1. Calcination

The burning / blackening.

With the use of Heat and Fire, we break down the Ego and Attachments to social constructs and belief systems that keep us oppressed.

Stage 1 of Masculine Alchemy is to bring sacred flame and heat to the psyche.⁠ This is where we start to break down the Ego stories and unhelpful attachments to the social constructs/conditioning and belief systems that each of us has inherited.⁠

These Ego stories and attachments of course served their purpose, to ensure safety within our family and social systems.⁠ However, for so many of us, these attachments are at the root of our oppression and suffering.⁠

Bringing heat to the Ego can be as simple as questioning the stories it creates, questioning the very conditioning we have inherited or the status quo of our social networks.⁠

To bring the “Sacred Flame” of consciousness is to bring light and awareness to what we have repressed into the darkness (read bottled/ pushed away our painful feelings + thoughts).⁠ This can obviously be done in self-reflective journalling practices, or by exploring different ideas and taking yourself on the journey.⁠

To ensure that your Ego is not at the helm of such a journey, however, this is where having a group of men to share experiences with, to have the Ego stories reflected back to you (and generally challenged), and to be held in such loving fire of Man can be such a profound and cathartic experience.⁠ An experience, I believe, deep down we all long for.⁠

The expression we use in group of this Fire is⁠

“I give, enough of a Fuck about you, to tell you a hard thing that you might not want to hear”

2. Dissolution

The stirring up and dissolving⁠.

Like the gentle and flowing nature of Water, we start to delve into the unconscious mind, bringing forth the hidden parts of ourselves that have been hidden or suppressed.

Stage 2 of Masculine Alchemy is to bring the revitalising and hydrating elements of water to the psyche.⁠⁠

In the same way, we would run a new burn under cold water, here we also can allow some “water” to take out some of the “sting/heat” from the flames of Stage 1.⁠ Only the “water” in this framework is the gentle mindfulness, the flowing depths of presence and sitting with what has been stirred up / challenged.⁠

As water would only naturally hold no judgment or bias to where it flows, only following and flowing into the cracks + creeks that lay before it, we too can follow where the challenging questions flow.⁠ Delving into the subconscious mind, allowing whatever comes up to float to the top, be suspended in the embrace of awareness, or sink to the bottom of the container we hold, allowing all parts to be witnessed as they are.⁠

The dissolving will naturally happen to things that aren’t emotionally charged, but take up space nonetheless. Leaving the “big rocks” of our psyche, and the appropriate space to “deal with them”

3. Seperation

To create space and release.

Just like taking a full breath of Air we now choose what we will keep (integrate) and what we will let go of (separate).

Stage 3 of Masculine Alchemy is to create space between what we were attached to, and what we want to move forward with.⁠ Leaning on another element of Alchemy – Air.⁠

To bring a fresh breath of Air to our Psyche, and with it, space.⁠ As you would feel the tension and fullness of a deep breath in, and then the release and calming void of exhaling.⁠ And of course, the space between both inhale and exhale.⁠

So too can we feel the fullness + tension of what has been stirred/brought to our awareness in Stages 1 + 2. And equally, we keep what we need to, and let go of the rest.⁠ With each thing that comes up, we can notice the tension and release.⁠

Tension and release.⁠

There is a pause between these two processes as well.⁠ And that’s where we start to become aware of our Authentic Awareness.⁠ Here we are well on our way to Alchemising into grounded wholeness.

4. Conjunction

To Ground and Embody

Grounding ourselves in the parts we choose to keep, like the Earth under our feet, we now begin the process of embodiment.

In Stage 4 of Masculine Alchemy we can now start to step into the 4th element of Alchemy – Earth.⁠ With the grounded support and feedback that the earth beneath our feet gives, so too can we now have a grounded clarity in our Psyche.⁠

This is where the foundation of Embodiment starts.⁠ We step into the things that we’ve chosen to keep / that support us, and we keep letting go of what doesn’t align with our authentic self.⁠

Grounding ourselves in the reality (and responsibility of) that we are the creator of our life.⁠ We get to choose, and we are willing to keep doing so.⁠ Checking in with that “inner knowing self”⁠. Burning away anything that constricts/ limits us.⁠ Noticing where the thoughts + stories lead.⁠ Giving space to these stories, so that we can witness them fully.⁠

And choosing as we go.

5. Fermentation

Death and rebirth.

The decay of our past self, and thus the rebirth of our true self. This is where we test the product of our creation.

Stage 5 of Masculine Alchemy starts with Death.⁠ The Death of our Ego attachments.⁠ The Death of our past selves that no longer serve us.⁠ This Death creates the space, and the foundation, of what’s to come.⁠

The Rebirth.⁠

The Birth of something new.⁠ The Birth of our True Self. Our potential that was always there within us.⁠ This Rebirth is the product of our creation.⁠ This is the beginning of the Authentic, Whole Self.

6. Distillation


Once again we return to Fire to purify and condense what we have created. This process allows us to burn away any lingering shadows of the Ego.

In Stage 6 of Masculine Alchemy, we once again return to the Fire element.⁠ With this heat, we put our creation to the test.⁠ Burning away any lingering shadow/attachments of the Ego.⁠

This purification and condensing are where the true authentic self starts to really emerge and flourish.⁠ We are now so close to the final product.

7. Coagulation

The final product.

The emergence of wholeness. Everything has led to this. Liberation, empowerment and completeness.

Stage 7 and the final stage of Masculine Alchemy.⁠ Here we have arrived into wholeness.⁠

We have gone into the darkness and emerged more whole.⁠ This is where we enjoy the fruits of our labour.⁠ We now get to enjoy Liberation, Self Empowerment and Completeness.⁠

Though the notion of “Complete” is now where we stand.⁠ The journey does not end.⁠ This work is not a destination.⁠ It’s a beautiful expression and commitment of Life.⁠

And we always have the tools to reconnect, if we do happen to “lose our way into the shadows once more”⁠.

How we use alchemy.