There’s a big difference between reflecting upon what was, to learn and grow… and to ruminate over and over the very normal mishaps of the human experience to maintain your own sense of suffering.⁠

Reflection helps create self awareness to build an understanding of patterns and therefore empowerment.

To ruminate over things, again and again, is the Ego keeping control and keeping you stuck in victimhood.

To learn ones self takes time.⁠ It’s a commitment.⁠ Many have been convinced / conditioned to believe there is no worth to looking inward.⁠ And that conditioning is the very thing that kills so many Men (people) every single year.

I am not talking about the superficial “self reflection” (though this is a great start)⁠. I am speaking to truly exploring the inner world.

Bearing witness to the inner stories, habits and behaviours – without judgement – to have a greater perspective of “Self”.⁠

Messy work.⁠ Hard work.⁠ Work that takes practice.⁠ This is one part of Mens Work.⁠ It’s each Mans responsibility to do “His Work”⁠. Or at least, that’s the goal / would be the most ideal…⁠

A conscious mens group.