Episode 5 — Stepping into Leadership with Tyler

Welcome to Episode 5 of the Alchemy of Man Project Podcast, a space where I share transformational conversations, diving deep into the realms of Men’s Work, Men Gathering in Mens Groups and Men’s Mental Health.

In this episode, I am joined by the Captain of Ballarat Squad, Tyler.

Tyler is such a quality man, hence me entrusting him to lead the cause, passing the torch of leadership to him for the Mens Group in Ballarat.

Like most of my conversations with Tyler, this was an absolute pleasure and incredibly wholesome – especially being able to discuss his experience in joining the Mens group, what his been able to achieve “in the Work” and of course his journey of stepping into Leadership.

I truly hope you enjoy this episode/ candid conversation, and if you do – perhaps consider sharing so more Men can have conversations like this.

So more Men can be supported by the work we are doing in Alchemy of Man Project.

Thank you for listening, I do hope you enjoy this episode/ candid conversation and please consider sharing so more Men can have conversations like this.

We all know Men need it.

This Podcast is all about the journey of Men’s Work, so join me each week to learn about and break down the barriers surrounding men’s mental health and hear from Men who are in the trenches, doing the work, as well as some other guests that are doing their bit too.

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